Sustainability is a non-negotiable for commercial property owners and landlords. Tenants are looking for eco-friendly energy options when choosing where to set up shop. This is not just because they want to be green but also because energy costs are skyrocketing, which directly impacts business profits and the prices consumers pay. 

Your portfolio must match tenants’ eagerness for Solar PV (photovoltaic) power. If it aligns with their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals, it should align with your ESG goals, and it has other benefits too.

Here are some tenant considerations that can also give your property a leg up in the highly competitive commercial real estate market.

Ethical – Growing Demand for Green Energy

1. ESG Commitments – Large companies are under increasing pressure to adopt ESG principles, which involve reducing their environmental impact. As we mentioned before, having solar panels on your property makes it more attractive to these ESG-conscious tenants, making your property easier to rent out. It could be a deciding factor for tenants when choosing premises.

2. Aiming for Net Zero – Many businesses have set goals to become carbon-neutral. Solar PV helps your tenants reach these sustainability targets, often coming with tax incentives, financial benefits, and positive public relations. Many consumers’ decisions consider their activities and purchases’ impact on the planet. If consumers are considering this, it will have an impact on tenants.

3. Working for ethical businesses – Companies compete fiercely to attract and retain top talent. The workforce is more discerning about who they work for, so offering a workplace powered by renewable energy can be a significant draw for employees who care about the environment. 

Financial – The Impact of Soaring Energy Costs

1. Rising Energy Bills – Energy insecurity due to geopolitical factors has created one of the biggest headaches for businesses today – the ever-increasing energy cost. High energy prices are eating into a tenant’s profits. Solar PV on your property automatically indicates cost savings, making your property an attractive choice.

2. Stability for financial planning – Aside from the current price issues, unless you’ve found a good fixed deal, energy prices have often tended to swing up and down, creating budget uncertainty for businesses. Solar PV, on the other hand, offers consistent and predictable energy costs, protecting tenants from the rollercoaster of energy prices.

3. Competitive Advantage – Lower energy expenses translate to lower operating costs for tenants. This, in turn, helps them set competitive prices for their products and services, benefiting consumers and improving a company’s position in the market.

Tangible Benefits of Solar PV for Landlords

1. Higher Property Value – Installing Solar PV panels on your property can substantially boost its market value. Buyers and renters are willing to pay more for spaces with lower operating costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

2. Lower Vacancy Rates – Sustainable features like Solar PV are becoming a must-have for tenants. By offering these green solutions, you can reduce vacancy rates and ensure a steady rental income stream.

3. Reduced Maintenance Costs – Solar PV systems are low-maintenance, especially compared to traditional energy sources. This means fewer hassles and expenses associated with equipment upkeep.

4. Long-Term Profits – While the initial investment in Solar PV might seem significant, the long-term return on investment is substantial. As energy costs continue to climb, the savings generated by Solar PV systems become increasingly valuable over time.

5. Environmental Responsibility – Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility can boost your public image and potentially open doors to incentives and grants for sustainable building practices.

6 Minimal disruption – There is minimal disruption if your building is structurally sound. The PV systems click into place and connect rapidly. Few people are on-site for the process, so you can operate as usual without being disturbed.


Whilst sustainability and cost savings are top priorities, Solar PV is a compelling option for commercial landlords and property investors. By addressing tenants’ demands for green energy and aligning with ESG principles, you can position your property as a sought-after destination for businesses looking to cut their carbon footprint and energy expenses.

The advantages of Solar PV go beyond environmental considerations. They offer a practical solution to the ongoing challenges of soaring energy costs, delivering stability and cost savings that directly impact tenant profits and consumer prices. As a landlord, embracing solar energy benefits your tenants, boosts your property’s value, reduces vacancies, and contributes to your long-term financial success. So, if you’re wondering whether your tenants are interested in Solar PV and green energy, the answer is a resounding “yes,” and the time to invest in this sustainable energy source is now.

If you are considering what Solar PV could do for your portfolio, please contact us for a chat.